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Ipoh, with beautiful mountains and rivers, is known as the hills city and Little Guilin. A century old city. Three major races, multiculturalism, religion. Unlimited Nanyang customs in Ipoh! Countless Nanyang delicacies are in this hills city! Coupled with the foreign style of the British colonial period. Ipoh can be said to be a multicultural melting pot where the East and the West meet, and now it makes this food city even more colorful!
Ipoh, formerly known as Paloh, was famous for being the world's largest tin mine in the early years, and its glory was unparalleled for a while. It is also the city where the most ''Benz'' Mercedes benz was driven on the street in the early years of Malaya. In recent years, it has become the capital of Malaysian food where all the gourmets gather to find the authentic old- taste.
Ipoh White Coffee, Bean Sprout Chicken, Ipoh Dim Sum, Hakka Brewed Ingredients, Rice Noodles, Tofu Flower, Snow Beer, Salt Baked Chicken, Hainanese Curry, Kaya Puffs, Caramel egg custard , Egg Cake(Telur goyang), Peanut candy, fragrant pancakes, egg yolk shredded pork lotus seed pancakes, egg tarts, sachima, Hakka noodles, shredded chicken rice noodles, beef brisket noodles, mushroom juice/curry pork skin chee cheong fun, pork satay, moonlight River Fried Noodles, Popiah(Pancakes), Tambun pomelo,Whole Egg Wonton Noodles, Cantonese Roasted Meat, Fresh River Fish, Big Head Prawns, Seafood, Indian Banana Leaf Rice, Cendol,Kacang puteh, Nasi Ganja (Nasi kandar), Rendang Tok Beef, Bamboo Tube rice(Lemang), oil rice (Nasi minyak) and so on. There are ancient tastes, but also innovations and delicacies everywhere.
Historical sites and place of interest include Paloh Ancient Temple, Shuiyue Palace, Concubine Lane, Ipoh Old Town, Little India Street, heritage buildings during the British colonial , Ipoh Railway Station (Ipoh Taj Mahal), Kinta Riverside Night view, Lao Pa Sat (Old Market), Ho Yan Hor Museum, Han Chin Pet Soo, mural creation by Lithuanian mural artist Ernest Zacharevic, Kelly Castle, etc. There are countless limestone caves, such as Perak Cave temple(Small Dunhuang in Nanyang), Kek Le Cave, Nantian Cave, Sanbao Cave, Guanyin Cave and so on. Of course, there are mamak mosques for Indian Muslims, Indian temples and Christian churches can be seen everywhere. There is also Gua Tempurung in Gopeng near Ipoh, which is full of natural carboniferous cave landscapes.
Recreational parks include DR Park Yifu Garden (Japanese Garden), Gunung Lang, Qingxinling, and HOGA Gaharu tea valley, Gopeng. Seri botani Ecopark , Mirror Lake, Sunway The lost world of Tambun, and the natural caves next to the city are all favored by nature lovers!
Drink morning tea and have Dimsum . Drinking coffee, ''blowing water'', in the streets and alleys, there is a kopitiam (cafe) and restaurant at all corners of the city. It shows the care and enjoyment of Ipoh people's leisurely life and top-notch food.
Get away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city life, Ipoh is a paradise for your  taste buds, and a paradise for you to relax your mind.
Slowing  down pace of life , have a leisure holiday and enjoy the good food in Ipoh ! 
If you are not enough,you can visit the small old towns around Ipoh, Papan, Pusing, Batu Gajah, Tronoh, Menglembu, Gopeng, etc. It has a longer history than Ipoh City, and there are also endless authentic foods and legendary stories for you over the coffee talk. You will get a lot of fun and sweet memories for Ipoh tour!
Ipoh TrEatS welcomes you!


怡保,旧称罗,早年因盛产锡矿世界第一,声名远播,辉煌风光一时无两。亦是马来亚早年最多最先奔驰”Mercedes benz 在街上行走的城市。近年更是成为各方食客老饕,集聚找正宗古早味的马来西亚美食之都。

怡保白咖啡,芽菜鸡,怡保点心,客家酿料,料粉,豆腐花,雪花啤酒,盐鸡,海南咖喱,加央角(kaya puffs),蛋(caramel),蛋治,花生糖,香饼,蛋黄肉丝莲蓉饼,蛋挞,萨其马,客家面,鸡丝河粉,牛腩粉,东菇汁/咖喱猪皮猪粉,猪肉沙爹(pork satay),月光河炒粉,簿,打们柚子,全蛋手工云吞面,广东烧腊,新鲜河鱼,大头虾,海鲜,野味,印度香蕉叶饭,煎堆冰,kacang puteh , Nasi Ganja 扁担饭(Nasi kandar) , Rendang Tok牛肉 , 竹筒饭,油饭(Nasi minyak) 等等。有古早味,亦有创新,百家争鸣,遍地美食。

古迹名胜风景区有霸罗古,水月宫,二奶巷,怡保旧街场,小印度街,英治时期老建筑群,怡保火车站(怡保泰姬陵,Taj Mahar),近打河畔夜景,老巴刹(菜市场),何仁可茶博物馆,闲真别墅,立陶宛壁画艺术家尔纳斯(Ernest Zacharevic)的壁画创作,凯丽古堡等。岩石洞就更多不胜数了,吡叻洞(南洋小敦煌),极乐洞,南天洞,三宝洞,观音洞等等。当然还有印度清真教徒的mamak 清真寺,印度神庙,基督教堂皆随处可见。怡保附近还有务边的椰壳洞,大自然石炭岩洞穴景观,尽在其中。

休闲公园则有DR 公园怡福园(日本花园)昆仑浪(Gunung Lang) ,清心岭,务边贺嘉沉香山(HOGA Gaharu tea valley , Gopeng ) 。有山亦有水,翠林城生态湖,镜湖,双威打们迷失乐园(Sunway The lost world of Tambun ),还有市区旁的自然山洞都受到大自然爱好者的青睐!





意末尽,怡保周围的老镇,甲板(Papan),布先(Pusing),华都牙也(Batu Gajah),端洛(Tronoh), 万里望(Menglembu),务边(Gopeng) 等比怡保市更历史久远,也有吃不完的道地风味小食和听出耳油的传奇故事!包你收获满满,尽兴而归!



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