Lenggong World Heritage Town, Malaysia 4th UNESCO Site玲珑谷,马来西亚第四个世界文化遗产
Lenggong World Heritage Town, Malaysia 4th UNESCO Site玲珑谷,马来西亚第四个世界文化遗产 Destination Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia Services | IPOH TREATS RESOURCES

Lenggong valley, Perak: - the oldest human site outside the African continent, UNESCO World Cultural Heritage
The first time I went to Africa Johannesburg ten years ago.Traveling with local tour groups, they say welcome Home when they see foreigners, and welcome them back to their hometown ,I was inexplicable. Later, I realized that what he said was ''Out of African hypothesis ''. The common ancestor of modern people outside Africa came from Africa 250,000 years ago.
However, Lenggong , a small town in the northern part of the Malay Peninsula, caused a sensation and began to attract more archaeologists and enthusiasts because of the discovery of the best stone age ''PERAK man'' corpse in Bukit Runtuh. The Perak Man ,the oldest and most complete  skeleton ever found in South East Asia,chrono metrically dated to 11,000 years ago , which is now stored in the Lenggong Archaeological Museum. In 1991, archaeologists discovered a pre-historical sequence from 1.83 million years ago to 1,000 years in the Lenggong Valley. The time span of the entire heritage is close to two million years, which is the longest span of early human records that can be found in a single place in the world. One of the oldest human sites outside the African continent. The number of sites found in a relatively limited area suggests the presence of a relatively large, semi-settled population with cultural remains dating back to the Paleolithic, Neolithic, and Metal Ages.
On June 30, 2012, according to the cultural heritage selection criteria (iii) (iv), the Lenggong Valley Archaeological Site was approved by the UNESCO World Heritage Conference as a cultural heritage to be included in the ''World Heritage List''.
There are 4 World Heritage Sites in Malaysia. Two are in East Malaysia, Kinabalu Park and Gunung Mulu National Park in Malaysia, and two are in West Malaysia (George Town Penang and Malacca City) and Lenggong Valley Archaeological Site. How can you miss it when you come to Malaysia and Ipoh.
In addition to the world heritage archaeological site, 1.83 million years ago, a meteorite  impact crater in Bukit bunuh, and the Suviet left over at that time is also unique in this Southeast Asian region.
Also, when the mount Toba volcano eruption in Sumatra  Indonesia   more than 75,000 years ago, the volcanic ash that floated across the ocean can also be seen and touched in Bukit Sapi, which is incredible.
Laban Lake, Tasik Raban, Kampung Beng, in the morning and evening, the lakes and mountains are all wonderful and charming. Watching the fishing boats floating in the lake is full of leisurely feeling. The fresh fish in the lake is even more delicious dish food. The most famous one is Parang sungai, (macrochirus) fish belly, and there are also ''Dumuli'', ''Water Monkey'', ''Dakouwan'', ''Sudan Fish'', ''Red Jiluo'', ''Ding Jialan'', ''Baibeard Gong ''Wait, it’s all delicious flash water fish !
Lenggong gourmand’s private collection included authentic dried wonton noodles, handmade with  eggs. Wonton wrappers have delicious fillings and are sold in limited quantities.Go early before it sold out! Guangxi people’s taro braised pork, stuffed tofu puffs, and lard net meat rolls make me salivate when I think of them.
There are also Malay traditional and authentic private dishes specially arranged to serve outside the  caves, Malay friends made salty pancakes with dipping sauce, coffee made with water boiled in a copper traditional stove, and toasted bread . This is the first time I have tried it! There is also Malay Laksa on Lenggong Street, which tastes different from Laksa in Penang , but it is delicious . The fried chicken is more authentic than KFC chicken, which is really tasty and good. It is impossible to get the way unless you know the local delicacies well.
Kg Chepoh’s more than 400 years of wooden mosque, blue wells and other Wood culture and art, Gua puteri, the history of the stone stele at the northern border of the Malay Peninsula, and listen to the descendants of the Prime Minister of the Malacca Dynasty, Tun PERAK , in the exhibition hall . The history and legends of Perak Dynasty are so fascinating.
Please climb up in the morning to overlook the Lenggong Valley, and the smoky green mountains and forests are another scene. Strolling on the rice paddies in the fields at dusk, the cool breeze blows, and the coconut trees whirling in the afternoon, full of ‘’Nanyang’’ ambiance .
Come to Lenggong , return to the hometown of human beings,  travel through the time tunnel , from the Paleolithic Age, Neolithic Age, and Metal Age to modern times in one go. It’s so impressive.
From Ipoh to Lenggong , it only takes one hour by car. If you are still not satisfied, after Lenggong , you can continue to go north, you can go to Gerik for another return to nature trip, go for Bukit Kerunai hiking, experience the Royal Belum tropical rainforest and Rafflesia flowers, etc., Banding Lake for house boat ride and ‘’Tokman’’ fishing, houseboat overnight tour of the lake. An extraordinary experience of lake ride and island hopping . What are you waiting for? 
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玲珑谷(Lenggong valley Perak ):-非洲大陆以外最古老的人类遗址  ,UNESCO 世界文化遗产
十年前第一次到非洲  约翰尼斯堡  Johannesburg)。随当地旅行团出游,他们见到外国人就说welcome Home  ,观迎回来老家。脑子一时转不过弯来,莫名其妙,后来才知他说的是’’非洲起源说’’ ,非洲以外现代人的共同祖先来自于5 万年前的非洲.
然而,在马来半岛北部的一个小镇,玲珑,却因在Bukit Runtuh 发现最完好石器时代的’’吡叻人 ’’骸而轰动及开始吸引了更多对考古工作者,爱好者的眼球。吡叻人估计有 1 1000年历史,据信是目前东南亚已发现最完整的古老人类骸骨,现存放在玲珑博物馆。  1991年考古专家在玲珑谷地发现从 183 万年前至1000 年的前历史序列,整个遗产的时间跨度接近两百万年,是目前全球在单个地方所能发现的跨越时段最长的早期人类记录之一,也是非洲大陆以外最古老的人类遗址。在相对有限的区域内发现的遗址数量表明,这里曾出现过一个相对较大、半定居的人群,其文化遗存可追溯到旧石器时代、新石器时代及金属时代。
2012 630 日,根据文化遗产遴选依据标准(iii)(iv) ,玲珑谷地考古遗址被联合国教科文组织世界遗产大会审议批准作为文化遗产列入《世界遗产名录》。
马来西亚有4 个世界遣产名录遗。两个在东马,马来西亚的京那鲁公园和姆鲁山国家公园, 两个在西马(城治市和马六甲市)及玲珑谷考古遗址。来到马来西亚及怡保怎么能错过它呢。
除了世界遗产考古遗址,183 万年前,陨石meteorite  坠落于 Bukit bunuh , 当时遗留下来的Suviet ,  也是在这东南亚区域绝无有的。
还有75 千多年前印尼耶加达多火山爆发时,漂洋过海的火山灰也可在Bukit Sapi   一观及触碰其真。太不可思议了
拉班湖,(Tasik Raban) , Kampung Beng ,  早晨及黄昏,湖光山色都各有精彩,景色迷人。观看鱼船泛湖中,充满悠然自在的感觉。湖里的鱼鲜,更是盘中佳肴。最著名的要数西刀鱼腩,还有有 ’’独木里’’ ’’ 水马骝’’  ’’ 大口挽 ’’’’ 苏丹鱼’’   ’’ 红吉罗’’  ’’ 丁加兰 ’’’’ 白须公’’等,都是美味的河鲜!
还有在古早的洞穴外享用马来传统道地私房菜,马来友族制作沾酱吃的咸煎饼,用铜制传统炉煮水泡制的咖啡、烘焙面包,我还是第一次尝试呢!玲珑街头还有马来Laksa ,  味道有于城 Laksa , 但的确美味可口,比肯德基家乡鸡还更有道地味道的炸鸡价廉物美。非识途老饕带路不可得。
Kg Chepoh 四百多年的木制青真寺,蓝色水井等巫族文化艺术, Gua puteri  ,马来半岛北移交界石碑的历史,还有在展览馆内听马六甲王朝宰相敦吡叻的后裔娓娓道来吡叻王朝的历史传说,都是那么引人入胜。
从怡保出发  去玲珑,只需一小时车程。如果你意未尽,玲珑过后继续北上,可到宜力再来个回归大自然之旅,登公婆山( Bukit Kerunai. 一睹Royal Belum  亿年热带雨林及莱士花等, Banding 湖钓多曼鱼,船屋过夜游湖。非一般的上山下湖体验。还等什么?心动不如行动






















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