Betong, Thailand 勿洞,泰国
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Betong, a small town in southern Thailand. Most of people here are Buddhist, they very friendly and kind person. Chinese account for about 50% of the population. There are mainly in Guangxi ethnic. The recent most popular attraction in Betong is the skywalk to see the sea of clouds. The glass bridge extending out of the valley is spectacular, allowing you to see the sunrise and the sea of clouds from the best angle. The other is the underground tunnel of the Communist Party, Heping Village. It is now a historical site ! There are also hot springs, Thousands flower Garden, pagodas, temples, museums, clock towers in the city center, tunnel, large post boxes and other attractions. 

Another attraction of Betong for tourists is its authentic food. In addition to Thai food tom yam seafood,fried fish, mango sticky rice, etc. Chinese, especially Guangxi delicacies include Betong boiled chicken, pork with taro, stuffed tofu, steamed fish, braised pig's trotters with pickled vegetables, fish maw soup, jelly and so on. 

shopping for  local product is fun , various beans, cashew beans, Almond nuts, stink beans( petai) , and medicinal oils, etc. As long as there are knowledgeable and experienced gourmets leading the way, you will have a good time, eat delicious food , enjoy scenery , and shopping, return home with many sweet memories.
勿洞,泰国南部小镇。多信奉佛教,纯仆,很有人情味。华人人口大约50%。广西人居多。最近的火爆的景点算是skywalk 看云海。延伸出谷的玻璃桥很壮观,让你能以最好的角度去看日出和云海。



勿洞另一个吸引四方客的是他的道地美食。除了泰餐Tomyam海鲜 . 煎鱼,芒果糯米等。华人尤其广西美食有勿洞白切鸡,芋头扣肉,酿豆腐卜,蒸鱼,咸菜猪蹄,鱼鳔羹,凉粉等等。

shopping 购买土产,各种豆类,腰豆,Almond nut ,臭豆,还有药油等。只要有识途老饕带路,玩得开心,吃香喝辣,尽兴满载而归。




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