Ipoh Hakka Restaurant 客家菜馆
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Hakka cuisine is renowned for its long-standing tradition of stews and stuffed dishes, which have been beloved by food enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike.

 Ceif Wen has inherited the authentic recipes of traditional Hakka dishes and incorporated the meticulous preparation techniques of Pusing Hakka cuisine with the influence of Nanyang culture, creating a unique blend of traditional and Nanyang-flavored Hakka culinary artistry.

During the early migration of the Chinese from China to Perak, Malaya , the people settled in areas such as Papan and Pusing. Mainly comprising Guangdong Hakka people, they were predominantly engaged in tin mining. Mr. Wen's grandparents were among these early settlers, true-blooded Pusing natives. Mr. Wen's father was also an excellent cook of Hakka cuisine, often taking charge of the kitchen during joyous festive occasions in the village. Mr. Wen, inheriting his father's culinary genes, developed a deep passion and talent for Hakka cuisine. In his youth, he worked in the food and beverage industry in London, demonstrating his perseverance, ambition, and quick-wittedness, which greatly endeared him to his elders. Through fortuitous circumstances, he had the opportunity to learn from a master chef from Hakka village of Sha Tau Kok, Hong Kong, than acquired authentic Hakka cooking techniques. 

In Hakka culture, family reunion and filial piety hold great importance as core values. Therefore, we have chosen the theme of marriage and family celebration, as the decorative motif for our restaurant.

With a sincere desire to preserve the flavors of yesteryears, promote Hakka culture, and evoke nostalgia for the tastes of Pusing's hometown, we are delighted to present an array of authentic Hakka dishes for the public to savor.

Hakka culture has a long and rich history, traditional Hakka dishes prioritize the natural flavors of ingredients, emphasizing delicate cooking techniques and precise control of cooking time to bring out the innate deliciousness of the ingredients. Signature dishes include the classic Hakka banquets, Hakka Stew  Tofu Puffs 焖豆腐卜, Stir-Fried Pork with Black Fungus木耳猪肉, Bamboo Shoots竹笋, and Hakka Abacus 算盘子. We have also incorporated the unique Nanyang culture , infusing traditional Hakka culinary skills to create a delectable dish of Pusing Hakka Duck布先狗仔鸭, showcasing a blend of Nanyang characteristics.

Hakka cuisine exemplifies the Hakka people's distinctive use of ingredients and culinary techniques, reflecting their diligent and thrifty way of life, as well as the cherished values of family, kinship, and tradition in Hakka culture. It is an integral part of Hakka culinary heritage. We hope that our Hakka restaurant can add a touch of flavor to Ipoh's gastronomic paradise and contribute to the preservation and promotion of Hakka culinary artistry and culture.

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