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 A Gastronomic Antique Dining Experience: Journey Back in Time



Step into the world of antique treasures and nostalgic flavors as we proudly present Kang's Antique Restaurant, a culmination of a lifelong passion for antique collection, research, and traditional flavors. Merging Chinese and Nanyang cultures, this authentic dining establishment brings together classic tastes and antique charm under one roof.


A Feast for the Senses:

Beyond the antique furniture, immerse yourself in the captivating world of Chinese calligraphy and painting, brought to life by local artists . The strokes of the brush and the elegance of ink  creating an atmosphere of classical refinement. This haven of culinary delights, antique treasures, and artistic displays, will leave an indelible impression in your heart. Here, you will savor traditional flavors, relish authentic cuisine, appreciate coffee, tea, antiques, and culture, all while reminiscing about life's precious moments. It truly is a feast for both the palate and the soul.


Kang's Signature Dishes:

One must-try dish at Kang's Antique Restaurant is the Uji Chicken Mee Sua. ڼIts clear yet fragrant broth, infused with medicinal herbs and the succulent sweetness of Uji chicken, will captivate your taste buds. The Uji chicken, combined with ingredients like Chinese yam, danggui (Angelica sinensis), wolfberries, astragalus, and other seasonings, is slow-cooked to perfection. This is an exceptionally popular choice that is rarely found elsewhere—only true connoisseurs will know to order it!


Another highlight is Kang's Prawn Mee. The delicate, chewy noodles, golden-hued egg, and plump, flavorful prawns create a delectable harmony. The abundant garnishes of fresh scallion oil add an aromatic touch. The piping hot soup is the soul of this dish, rivaling even the famous prawn mee of Penang. Upon inquiry, I discovered that the mastermind behind this authentic and Nanyang-flavored delicacy was Kang's sister-in-law, originally from Penang. No wonder it possesses such a perfect blend of local authenticity and Nanyang flair.


Nasi Lemak, a beloved national dish in Malaysia, is also a must-try at Kang's Antique Restaurant. The fragrant aroma of coconut milk-infused rice fills the air, accompanied by pandan leaves. The fluffy and flavorful rice is paired with side dishes like fried egg, Indian papadum, fried chicken, fried anchovies, cucumber and sambal sauce. The fried chicken and fried anchovies are crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, delivering an exceptional taste experience. It truly embodies the favorite dish of Malaysians from all walks of life!


For dessert, indulge in the Longan Red Dates with Snow white Fungus. The combination of longan, snow white fungus, and red dates creates a delightful sweetness and a silky texture. The addition of red dates and rock sugar enhances the aroma and richness of this dessert. It is a perfect treat for an afternoon tea or a sweet ending to a meal, beloved by a wide range of patrons.


Come and Experience it Yourself:

While words can only convey so much, and photos can capture but a glimpse, the true essence of Kang's Antique Restaurant, with its fusion of Chinese calligraphy, antique decor, and nostalgic flavors, can only be fully experienced in person. Immerse yourself in the rich Chinese cultural ambiance and the myriad of Nanyang influences through the flavors that transport you to a bygone era. It is an experience that must be savored to truly appreciate its profound cultural significance and the diverse Nanyang culture

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