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Explore Teluk Intan(Anson), a hidden gem that combines history, culture, natural ecology, and gastronomy!  

History and Heritage:

Teluk Intan , situated along the PERAK River, traces its roots back to the days of the Malacca Sultanate when a prince landed at the mouth of the Bagan Datuk , PERAK River and established the Perak Sultanate. Over the years, Anshun flourished as a bustling port city. Today, it is renowned for being the habitat of thousands of egrets at the river mouth, forming a mesmerizing sight especially during sunset. Another landmark of Teluk Intan  is the unique leaning tower, also known as the Eastern Leaning Tower and Great Clock Tower, which became an accidental geological landmark and a tourist hotspot.


In addition to the egret island (Pulau Bangau)and the leaning tower, Teluk Intan  boasts numerous awe-inspiring historical sites. The Fu Shun Gong temple, a significant symbol of Chinese culture in Malaysia, bears witness to Teluk Intan ‘s rich history. Moreover, the ancient Guangdong temple with its traditional architectural style and profound historical significance commands respect.


Gastronomic Delights:

Teluk Intan  isn’t just about natural landscapes; it’s also a paradise for food lovers! In addition to the mentioned delicacies like enhanced Chee Cheong Fen, river-fresh prawns, crabs, seafood, crispy fried mice, Hainanese coffee, and the ethnic Brianny  Rice with fried chicken, there are many more authentic local dishes awaiting your palate. Try the renowned Teluk Intan   chicken, turmeric rice with curry, curry noodles, and the shaved ice at the 58 Stalls Food Court and Queen Street. From oil-fried cakes to satay, mee rebus, laksa, Nasi Lemak, and wonton noodles, your taste buds are in for an unexpected treat.


Cultural Journey:

Beyond historical landmarks and culinary delights, Teluk Intan  offers a vibrant cultural experience. Visit local handicraft workshops to admire bamboo artworks by local artisans. Experience the traditional Malaysian night market, Pasar Malam, and immerse yourself in its unique cultural charm. Stroll through the streets and alleys of Teluk Intan  to witness the harmonious coexistence of different ethnicities and religions.


Natural Wonders:

Teluk Intan  not only boasts enchanting river views and egret islands but also offers a diverse array of natural landscapes waiting to be discovered. Explore the fruit orchards and bee farms nestled amidst verdant hills and clear waters, immersing yourself in the fresh air. Experience the tranquility and beauty of nature at jungle resorts on the outskirts of Teluk Intan, where you may experience wildlife encounters.


The morning market in the Ba Wei  village is another highlight. As dawn breaks, the market bustles with vendors and crowds. Authentic Teluk Intan delicacies such as enhanced Chee Cheong Fen, traditional coffee, fragrant curry noodles, and homemade Nasi Lemak add a unique flavor to your breakfast. The bustling market offers a glimpse into rural life, exuding a rustic charm and a sense of nostalgia for those returning from the city.


Whether you’re interested in history and culture or gastronomy and nature, Teluk Intan  has something to offer for everyone. Embark on a unique journey to explore this charming semi-urban riverside city!

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安顺,位于下吡叻河旁。当年马六甲王朝王子在下吡叻河口登陆Bagan Datuk ,后来创立吡叻王朝,安顺就在吡叻河口,曾是繁华的港口。




安顺不仅仅是一个自然景观的胜地,还是美食的天堂!除了已提到的加料猪肠粉、河鲜大头虾丶螃蟹、海鲜、马蹄酥、海南咖啡、友族的扁担饭和炸鸡外,这里还有更多令人垂涎的道地美食等待您的体验。尝一尝著名的安顺白切鸡、黄姜饭配咖喱,咖喱面、58档小食中心及皇后街内的刨冰,油炸,沙爹、mee rebus、老鼠粉,Nasi Lemak 和云吞面,您的味蕾将有意外的惊喜,享受美味到极致!



除了历史古迹和美食之外,安顺还有丰富多彩的文化体验等待着您。参观当地的手工艺制作坊,欣赏艺术家们的竹制作品;体验马来西亚传统夜市Pasar Malam ,感受文化的独特魅力;漫步在安顺的街头小巷,领略不同民族和宗教的和谐共生。





早晨的芭尾新村市集也是一大特色。天刚破晓,市集内已人潮拥挤,摊贩聚集。安顺道地美食加料猪肠粉、村头老店的咖啡香、香气四溢的咖喱面, 有家的Nasi Lemah ( 人营)等等将为你的早餐增添别样的味道。早晨市场内琳琅满目的蔬菜、肉类、鱼虾海鲜,无不展现着丰富的乡村生活,充满了乡下纯仆气息,人情味及让来自乡下孩子,久居闹市后回到家乡的感觉。




















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