Ipoh Glass House Golf Cafe 皇家高尔夫吹水站
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Ipoh, the hill city located in the Kinta Valley, was once renowned worldwide as the largest producer of tin in its heyday. It created a prosperous era, attracting prominent mining magnates, business tycoons, influential merchants, and distinguished individuals.  


The golf clubs served as a prime venue for conducting business, socializing, and indulging in the leisurely sport of golf. Among them, the Royal Perak Golf Club (RPGC) stands out as the most esteemed, boasting a royal standard of golfing excellence.


Here’s a little secret: RPGC houses a glass house restaurant called ‘’Glass House@RPGC,’’ which is open to the public without the need for club membership! Nestled amidst the shade of trees, the glass house offers a serene and elegant dining experience with air conditioning, exuding a blend of contemporary and classical aesthetics. The ambiance captures the essence of the golf club. The amiable owner, Jack Chew, not only extends a warm welcome but also possesses remarkable golfing skills, attaining the level of a coach and boasting a handicap of 1. Golf enthusiasts have the opportunity to receive guidance, share experiences, and even take a swing or two at the driving range under his expert tutelage, undoubtedly reaping invaluable benefits!


From the glass house, one can admire the breathtaking view of the driving range and the lush greenery, accompanied by the mesmerizing beauty of the undulating mountain range. It serves as a gathering place for friends to convene, sip coffee, and engage in leisurely conversations, exemplifying an elegant and stylish lifestyle. It has also become a popular destination for visitors seeking memorable moments and photo-worthy experiences.


If you wish to host an unforgettable party, celebration, special family gathering, or business event, look no further, as this is the ultimate choice! Dining in such a unique environment undoubtedly provides an unparalleled experience. The menu offers a variety of delectable dishes, including basil curry chicken rice, golf ball rice chicken, lamb chop , royal green salad, vegetarian fried rice and many more. Additionally, the meticulously crafted coffee float offers an exploration of flavours and surprises with the combination of coffee and ice cream.


Given the chance to converse with Jack about golf, you will discover that golf is much more than just a sport; it encapsulates wisdom and captivates countless individuals with both love and frustration! If you are a golf enthusiast, conversing with Jack about golf will leave you with the feeling of ‘’listening to a profound golf discourse is superior to ten years of golf studies .’’


Glass House@RPGC is a pork-free restaurant with an indoor seating capacity of 52 and an outdoor dining area that can accommodate over 20 people. It also provides ample free parking ,suitable for private events and gatherings!


Glass House@RPGC Details:

 (pork free cafe)

 Opening Hours: 10am-10pm

Tuesday off 

Sat & Sun 


9am -10pm 

 Address: Royal Perak Golf Club, Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, 31400 Ipoh, Perak. (Located on the left side of the entrance to the Royal Perak Golf Club, next to the driving range)


 (Reservations): 011-1317 9944 (WhatsApp available) Remember to make a reservation to secure your seat and avoid disappointment!

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